Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Zan Clock

The Zan works clock was rescued from the demolition of the Brunner Mond factory in Malkins Bank and installed in Wheelock in around 1932. The Brunner Mond factory was situated about half a mile upstream on the Trent and Mersey Canal, manufacturing various bulk chemicals from the locally sourced brine, materials such as limestone and coal were brought in by narrowboats on the canal and the North Staffs Railway line which ran through the site.

The clock face replaced one of the original window openings in the top floor of the mill building.

The clock mechanism requires winding up each week, a task that has been undertaken for over 75 years without fail. The clock will run for at least 8 days before the weight hits the floor in the room below!

The link between the mechanism and the fingers on the outside. Note the counterbalance to the fingers.

The clock is maintained by J.B. Joyce from Whitchurch Shropshire, an engineer visits each year to oil and check the mechanism. J.B. Joyce are part of the same group that maintain Big Ben.